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Do you know the best way to create a password?

Tech Xperts can give you the Tech help advice you need for your buiness.

In the age of cyber security, I know a lot of you have many questions about your passwords.  I can say that over the years you have come across all kinds of rules that restrict your normal password.   The result could be many different passwords that you often forget.  There are some common rules, however, that allows us to make a root password that can be manipulated to fit all situations.  Here are some tips about passwords:

The common rules used are the following: 6-8 character passwords minimum.
1 capitalizations, alpha, numeric and symbol.
This is pretty much standard, so lets construct one.

First, pick a standard word that is a minimal of five letters:
Example: techy

-add a number that is meaningful to you:
Example: techy123

-add a symbol to the front or the end of the root:
Example: techy123!

-Capitalize one letter, minimally:
Example: Techy123!

That is it. You are done.  My example is 9 characters.  If you want to be efficient, make it minimal 12 (i.e. TechYgeek123!)  Even if the security has difficult rules you can utilize this base password and fit it in their box.

For example:

Minimal 12 characters:


No symbols:


Can’t use the same one twice:

Techy123!! or Techy123!1


For the people who have to change it monthly I recommend keeping it real easy:

Techy123!04  (April) Techy123!07 (July)


By keeping your root password you can manipulate it any way you want to fit their rules.  Always remember your root and you will never ever forget your password again.  If you have any questions please refer them to the following places:

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