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Seras G. | 3/6/16

I came to TechXperts with a problem connecting to wifi. I was receiving a yellow warning sign over my signal icon and my wifi would disconnect; when I would run troubleshoot I was told I was missing one or more internet protocols. I never mess with what I call “admin settings” because I’m an idiot when it comes to computers, so I was worried something was seriously wrong. TechXperts connected to my laptop remotely, which to me is pretty darn cool. Watching someone work their computer guru know-how from across the country made me feel like a kid watching a magic show. For him to do this, I had to download a program that would allow him to connect, which only took minutes. While he worked, he pulled up a notepad which allowed us to type back and forth and converse in real time (more magic!) He quickly found the problem, and even uploaded a free malware program for me. All in all, the whole process only took about an hour and my computer has been connecting to WiFi without any hiccups since. I feel that I was charged an extremely fair price, because if I had gone to a repair shop I would have been charged $60 or more just for the guy to look at it. I highly recommend TechXperts to anyone needing quick, fast and easy tech support, no matter where you are in the country!

High quality service, professional and friendly.
Techxperts helped me right away when I needed a picture adjusted to post on a website. They adjusted the picture and we got it posted in just slightly a few minutes. And their services were quite affordable and efficient. I would go straight to Techxperts for all my web design needs.

Keith S. | 8/14/15
Naseem P. | 7/22/15

Found to be knowledgeable pleasant to work with and reasonable priced. Thank you for cleaning the virus on my computer.

Very professional and prompt
Great company and extremely quick response

david b. | 7/22/15
David Richards

Tarrant County Chief District Attorney

“We have been very pleased with the professional assistance I received from this company. Jeff is very conscientious and in making sure we understand how to use computer technology to our best advantage.”

“I hired Techxperts to help me go paperless to manage my law office and caseload. He was very helpful, patient and accessible. I am now paperless and love it.”

Attorney Patrick Curran


Warren Prescott


“Techxperts finds the issue and solves it; everytime!”