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The Cloud

Cloud Services is not as scary as you think.  Even with all the news about private information being stolen from the cloud, it is a safe and much needed perk of the modern age.  The concept of the Cloud has been around since the beginning of the current Digital Age.  However old the idea is, a few needed components needed to be installed before it was marketable.  Currently, our world is transforming to a cloud system and I will explain what that means.

A cloud is nothing more than a collection of servers that collect information.  This information is securely transferred, stored and backup’ed from a mirrored folder on your device.  Basically, information that is stored onto a specific local folder is copy and transferred online to redundant server.  The information that is stored varies.  We will only cover consumer clouds in this article.

Send It To The Cloud

Every computer that is purchasable currently has some sort online backup service on there.  It comes standard in Windows 10, called OneDrive.  All Android OS’s come with Google Drive and my personal favorite and free is Dropbox.  This is just the beginning.   Amazon offers full corporate cloud servers, Netflix and Cable Companies have cloud services, and even online gaming is turning to the net storage (Cloud Gaming).  With the Nation moving to fiber optics, the increased speed allows such things.

With these services, comes a worry free backup system for your files.  Specifically, your documents, pictures and videos.  This stress free automatic backup system takes our files and securely backs them up online.  When our devices are lost,stolen or broken we can easily recover all of our personals from the cloud.

Sending it to the cloud just refers to saving your file over the net to a server.

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Paperless Cloud Office

These features are key in the modern office. Mobility is allowing us to unchain ourselves from our 4 walls syndrome at work.  No longer do we have to go to a cubicle to get things done.  With mobile internet, laptops, tablets, and the cloud we can now be anywhere and work.  This wireless system allows a secure place to store our information on a server.  These services connect our devices to one hard drive accessible to you no matter where you login.  Microsoft has done a great job integrating this in their new Windows 10.  Your user information follows you from your phone to your Xbox; and One Drive holds our documents between them.

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