What is SEO?

Feb 29, 2016SEO

What is SEO

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What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is necessary in today’s online world.  Answer yourself this one question: When is the last time you used a phone book?  Exactly.  I know that, I reach for Google to look up anything that I need including, services and goods.  There is no doubt, the number of people who search online for something they need and every year the number of mobile users searching online grows.  This is where SEO comes in.

The Mechanics of Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO you asked?  SEO is the new marketing frontier.  Everything is moving to a digitized and online access. The idea is to get the information that you need, quickly, and efficiently to you.  Thus, we rely heavily on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  There are millions of sites out on the net.  The  search engine’s goal is to get the relevant information to you, quickly.  SEO is a mixture of techniques that result in the high rankings that are relevant to keyword searches about your topic.  For example, if you search for a Online Marketing Company on Google your results should not give you a Fort Worth Plumber but a SEO Specialist near you.

What is SEO

What Is SEO

Your ranking is dependent on a lot of factors.  It comes down to three basic categories for ranking success:  Setup, authority, and activity is what you need to focus on.

The Mechanics of Online Marketing

First is your core web programming.  Like an engine on a car, it drives your base score.  Currently; clean domains, Word Press themes, and plugins make up a good core for websites to rank.  Look for popular themes, and security plugins when creating your website.  After that, media is a high priority for your design aspects.  The more media, cleaning defined, that you add the more search engines like you.  Videos, pics, and sounds are key.   TechXperts recommends to use traditional marketing techniques to the layout of your website for client closing increases.

The web domain’s age and authority are key. Meaning, if Google says that your website is authoritative in your given topic, then you rank higher.  This is done by trusted websites talking and linking to your website, online news articles, or blogs that link you as an authority, gives you that higher ranking.

Activity is defined by how active your website is.  Updates, new content, blogging, are needed, but the social ques are key. The more the internet is talking about you the better.  Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are just a few to mention.  Google keeps track every time you post, or someone posts about you.  YouTube traffic is good link juice to your webpage and Google encourages you to use media on your site.

Web 2.0 are high authoritative specialty websites that provide information.  Yelp, YP.com, and Thumbtack are just a few websites that make up the first page on a Google search.  Getting high traffic from these sources to your main page is a long term solution to ranking higher on similar results.  Web 2.0 is like having another fishing pole in the sea of the internet; fishing for you to catch more clients.


What is Search Engine Optimization

Why Do I Need Online Marketing?

Its simple, according to online market analytic research, we see that 85% of people find their business through the internet.  What that does is create a need for businesses to reach consumers on the net.  Search Engine Optimization is not only the art of ranking the site but selling the product.  Always pick a company like TechXperts, that will setup your website with optimization in mind.  Old fashioned sales techniques do apply to layout, color, and information placement.  Every business MUST do two things to survive the next decade of commerce.

First, get a website.  Not a free or cheap one.  An artistic and optimized website design by a creative web design team. Choose a domain address that is not overkill but close to the most relevant search result in your specialty.  If not, getting your .com with your company website only works well through search engines if you work really hard on branding.  In the end, an SEO company will rank your website, direct that traffic to your website, and create a desire to purchase from your website, without you having to do anything.  If you need a website design click here.

Second, budget for SEO.  If you advertise every year, it is time to budget in an SEO specialist. If you are not willing to put in 40 hours a month in SEO tactics to rank yourself, then put aside a minimal of $600 a month (depending on your product).  Is is a necessity, no longer a choice.  Your competitors are quickly surpassing you and new businesses are already well informed.  The investment in SEO to make your website gain traffic is long term, but the reward of a steady flow on interested and qualified buyers is worth it.  Pick an company that will attack your marketing every month with a new perspective.  There is no perfect SEO solution that lasts.  Every year, new rules, and new technology changes the game.  Be patient, give the agency 6 months to show you results.  If you see no results, switch companies.  To order SEO from a great company click here.

That is SEO in a nutshell.  Instead of asking yourself: “What is SEO?” reach out and call a private company.  Ask them all your questions about optimizing your website for search engines.  Online Marketing is the new frontier of marketing and is effective in sales.  The internet is not going away, and every year the numbers show that we rely on it more and more.  Don’t get left behind.  It is still in its infancy stages.  If you act upon it now you will stay ahead of the curve. Online marketing and social media is currently the wave to ride.  Start a youtube channel and post them to your site.  Court news websites to do press releases.  Hire a blogger and keep your site active.  Above all, don’t give up.  Real SEO will work for you.

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